Grow Your Business in India with MilesWeb VPS Hosting

MilesWeb VPS Hosting | Started with your new business? You might be so excited about it. It’s the result of careful planning and brainstorming for several months that has helped you to sail in the right boat. You have started your journey of online business which fits your plans and goals. As soon as you decided on your potential and preferred target market as well as the product or service you want to offer, your business has started growing. This has laid the foundation for your ecommerce store.

After setting up the roots in the World Wide Web, the next step that comes is about your business growth and its popularity in the next few years. It’s because no one starts an online business and expects its growth via word of mouth marketing or social media marketing tactics only.

So, you have built your business in the online world where the growth is expected to be in a rapid manner. Similar to the speed of the internet from a few Mbps to Gbps, you need to catch up the online rhythm. For this, you also need to think about upgrading your web hosting plan. It becomes difficult to run your online business by keeping your website hosted on shared hosting when the business starts to grow. VPS hosting is the next step you should jump on after shared hosting.

Selecting the best VPS hosting provider depends on various factors such as uptime, features, customer support, reliability, security, etc. It means you need to find a provider that offers you all these things. MilesWeb offers you all these things under one roof and that too at reasonable prices.

How MilesWeb Was Born?

There were many web hosting providers in the market that weren’t able to fill the gap between hosting and customer requirements. Therefore, MilesWeb took the pride in filling this gap by offering a complete web hosting solution by stepping in the hosting world in 2012. They got established in Nasik, Maharashtra, India and also, spread their wings in the overseas. Popular for the excellent and friendly customer support, they also offer the cutting-edge technologies on their servers.


Their list of hosting services includes – shared, VPS, reseller, cloud, dedicated, business, WordPress and other application hosting. Also, they offer domain registration and eCommerce hosting and unlimited web hosting. This indicates that they have solutions for all types of businesses.


VPS Hosting Plans

Linux VPS Hosting Plans

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Windows VPS Hosting Plans

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Features Offered by MilesWeb VPS Hosting Plans

Incredible Server Uptime

It is very important to keep your website always up. Uptime is the proportion of time for which your website stays online. The standard uptime in the web hosting industry is around 99% which you might think is high. But all hosts don’t actually offer this uptime value.

You would be happy to see that MilesWeb offers the uptime of 99.95% which is higher than the standard value. So, you can’t ignore the 0.05 difference. Though it appears to be a slight difference, it matters a lot.

If the uptime is low, you are at the risk of losing revenue and this might lead to offering poor user experience. This is because your users won’t be able to see your website online.

With MilesWeb, you won’t be facing such an issue ever.

2. Very Fast Server Speeds

It’s a fact that no host can offer the fastest speed. MilesWeb offers the loading speed that is enough for almost all types of websites. The speeds might vary based on the hosting solution which you pick up.

For instance, with shared hosting you will get the slowest speed as compared to other web hosting packages. Whereas plans such as VPS or dedicated hosting will help in delivering the best possible speed because you don’t need to share the server resources.

The bundled features such as SSD disk drives, XCache / Varnish, etc. also help in speeding up the performance of your website.

3. Long Track Record

Though MilesWeb has stepped into the web hosting world just few years ago, they are moving on the right track and with a great speed. MilesWeb has already proved to be the best in terms of customer satisfaction and success. If you actually go through the reviews of them, you will surely find them very positive.

Additionally, they have a track record of website migration without any data loss.

You can always trust a web host that has been in the web hosting niche since few years because they will have a good experience. You won’t find a web host that has been over 15 years in this industry.

Flexible and Scalable Cloud Infrastructure

MilesWeb offers VPS hosting plans deployed on the cloud infrastructure. With cloud you can easily scale up the resources whenever required. Additionally, your website won’t go down since the resources will be provided instantly.

The Linux VPS hosting plans are deployed on DigitalOcean cloud and cheap Windows VPS hosting plans are deployed on Amazon Cloud.

Solid Customer Support and Documentation

As I mentioned earlier, MilesWeb is popular for its interactive and 24/7 customer support. They stand like a solid-rock behind you to solve all the queries you face. Not only they offer support, but also give suggestions for improving your website performance.

They offer two types of support options – live chat and email to resolve the technical queries. The phone support option is just valid for resolving the sales queries. You won’t be able to wait for long to get answers from the as instant support is what they aim at. Also, their team is highly professional and has a good experience in the web hosting niche.

Apart from the human support, they also have an extensive library of knowledgebase and blog wherein you will find your solutions.

Migrate Without Data Loss

Planning to migrate your website to MilesWeb? Just let them know about it and leave the task on them. They will migrate your complete website without any data loss.

Manage Your VPS for Free

You don’t need to invest more than just the VPS plan because your VPS management is done completely free of cost. Right from optimization to management all things are taken care of by the MilesWeb team.

SSH Root Access

You can have complete control over your virtual private server environment. MilesWeb offers SSH root access with their Linux VPS hosting India plans.

Full Admin Access with Windows VPS plans

You can also get complete control over your Windows VPS environment too. The full admin access allows you to host multiple sites, install 3rd party software and applications or even browse websites.

Control Panels – cPanel and Plesk

You can select your preferred control panel from cPanel and Plesk. The cPanel works well with CentOS and Plesk works with CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. The cPanel comes with inbuilt one-click app installer that comprises of 400+ applications which you can install on your website.

Host Multiple Sites

You get the ability to host multiple websites under your VPS account. It means you don’t need to buy a different hosting plan for your other website. You can host and manage different sites from a single virtual private server.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Their team ensures that your website remains up all the time. They have Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters that help in offering the best uptime possible. They understand the importance of their as well as your customers and so, not just guarantee but offer 99.95% uptime.

Wrapping Up

Would you like to be a MilesWeb customer then? The answer I am hoping is surely ‘Yes’. Getting so many features at such a low price isn’t possible with some other web host.